What Does an Industrial Photographer Do?

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An industrial photographer takes pictures in industrial settings for a variety of purposes. These types of photographers may be employed by various industries to take pictures that can be used in catalogs, newsletters, or within the company itself. In some cases, an industrial photographer may take artistic pictures for galleries or shows, using industry as the subject matter of the photographs. Most industrial photographers work on a freelance basis, accepting jobs from clients who can make use of their specific skills or style.

The main thing that an industrial photographer does is to take pictures for industrial clients. These clients may need photographs for a variety of purposes and a photographer will need to listen to what the client wants in order to provide the appropriate pictures. The industrial photographer may take pictures for advertisements or publicity, which need to make the subject look clean and marketable. A client may also need photographs that capture what a subject really looks like, without a lot of artistic flair, and photographers need to be able to adjust their styles to match the needs of the client.

A series of photographs may also be created by an industrial photographer in order to document an industrial process. This may mean taking photographs for each step needed to manufacture a product or photographs that show each part of a factory, refinery, or power plant. Large construction projects can also be documented through a series of photographs taken by an industrial photographer.


Outside parties may also employ industrial photographers. These companies may need photographs of industry for books, magazines, or other media. A photographer may work for one of these third party companies while taking pictures at a separate industrial company.

Some industrial photographers use industrial subjects in order to create stylized or artistic images. They may use angling and lighting to make an ordinary subject seem new or unusual. In most cases, these types of photographs are displayed in galleries or museums, though some can also be found in books and magazines.

In order to take pictures of industrial subjects, an industrial photographer requires a variety of different tools. A quality camera is the most important tool of any photographer, and most professional industrial photographers use a digital single lens reflex camera. In addition to this, a wide angle lens is needed to capture large subjects such as industrial buildings or machinery. Lighting equipment may also be used to adjust the feel of a subject or to draw attention to a certain part of the picture.


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