What Does an Implementation Coordinator Do?

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It's the job of an implementation coordinator to oversee the application of a new system or policy in a company. For example, if a company is integrating a new software program, it might hire an implementation coordinator to make sure the process goes smoothly. In general, these individuals are creative, have great communication skills, and are good at problem solving. Although the company an individual in this role works for will differ, there are five fundamental job duties associated with this position. These include developing an implementation strategy, working with department heads, executing changes, solving problems and monitoring progress.

Developing a realistic and practical implementation strategy is perhaps the most important part of this job. For a coordinator to be successful, it's necessary for him to think pragmatically and create a plan to help a company adjust to change. In the case of a company integrating a new software program, he might develop a training system to teach employees how to use the program. Basically, it's his job to make the process of change as easy as possible, minimizing complications.


Working with department heads of a company is also important. Before initiating a serious change, it's often necessary for an implementation coordinator to go over his ideas with the supervisors or managers. Since these individuals have a deep knowledge of employees and a company's work environment, the coordinator will usually need to get the green light from them before making changes. This practice ensures that everyone is in agreement and any potential issues have been addressed.

Once he has gained approval from department heads, it's the job of an implementation coordinator to execute changes. The exact nature of changes can vary considerably depending on the company, but common techniques involved in implementation include training employees, holding seminars and providing employees with assistance during the initial stages. In some cases, he may implement changes himself. In others, he may assemble a team to carry out these changes.

Another essential duty is solving problems as they arise. In most cases, the coordinator will experience some difficulty, such as employee resistance to change or problems with training materials. For this reason, it's important for him to have improvisation skills and be able to handle stressful situations.

In addition, it's necessary to continually monitor the progress of an implementation program. This usually involves getting feedback from supervisors and employees. If the process is going smoothly, an implementation coordinator may not have further work to do for that program. On the other hand, if progress isn't meeting expectations, he may need to make adjustments.


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