What Does an ICT Tutor Do?

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An information and communications technology (ICT) tutor might help a student learn to use technology for educational purposes by teaching him or her how use certain programs. An ICT tutor might also use radio, television, computers, and other technology to help students acquire new skills and enhance their education. This type of tutor uses technology to give students an active role in gaining knowledge.

ICT tutors might suggest certain online tutorials, drills, or specific applications to assist struggling students. Children might be directed to online educational games, maps, and other tools available on the Internet. Older students might make use of reference and research materials suggested by their ICT tutor.

An ICT tutor might chat with the student in real time to help students learn. The tutor typically communicates via e-mail or conferencing to connect with one or more students. These students may be completing their education online or using technology for extra help.

Some ICT tutors link college students with mentors or experts in various fields. The mentors answer students’ questions and might suggest Internet sites with additional information on a specific topic. These tutors might also offer critiques on completed work and make suggestions to improve the projects.


Special education students might also benefit from an ICT tutor trained in using speech recognition devices or other adaptations to meet the students’ needs. The tutor might employ individualized learning programs at the pupils’ grade level. Software designed for learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, might assist an ICT tutor working with students. Audio and visual equipment typically permits tailoring lessons to individual learning styles.

The use of technology in education is considered more student centered than traditional classroom teaching. It replaces rote memorization with interactive tools to engage students in their learning process. Students gain exposure to a wide range of information in various formats to enhance their education.

Distance learners might employ an ICT tutor to interact with them while completing their education remotely. Many secondary schools offer online classes for students who drop out of school for various reasons. The tutor monitors the students’ work and helps them stay motivated in each subject area. Typically, students and teachers meet face to face periodically to evaluate the process.


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