What Does an HTML Tutor Do?

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An HTML tutor generally instructs individual students or small groups on using hypertext markup language (HTML), a common coding language for web related projects. These professionals bring various levels of instruction to students who need to understand what HTML is and how it is used in a given context. HTML tutors may be independent operators, contractors with large education companies, or employees of a specialized technology training company.

In the course of their jobs, many HTML tutors will learn and provide simple instruction modules that show a beginning student what HTML is, and how it is set up. This includes an introduction to HTML tags and how they function. Tutors may also discuss other kinds of code modules in introductions to HTML, such as discussing specific style commands for block quotes, italics, fonts or headlines, or setting up tables and borders through the use of carefully tracked sets of HTML tabs. Some simple reference materials can help an HTML tutor make a student familiar with the many tags necessary for complex HTML coding.

In many cases, an HTML tutor will often take a student through specific coding projects with HTML. Through practical coding instruction, this professional will show the student exactly how knowledgeable programmers write HTML to achieve specific goals. This can include elements of creating and formatting text, images, and multimedia on a webpage.


In addition to showing students the syntax and practical coding for HTML, the HTML tutor will often show the student the overall context for this web programming language. This includes making students familiar with other common markup languages like XML. The tutor will also often present basic information about CSS, or cascading style sheets, a technology that is often used in conjunction with HTML. Cascading style sheets create top-level commands for website modeling that make a lot of HTML hand coding unnecessary.

While bringing a student through the practical use and nature of HTML, the HTML tutor might also reference handy advising organizations. These organizations often have their own online HTML tutorials and other resources. A live HTML tutor may meet students face-to-face, or present his own services through real-time Internet, webinars, or through other virtual means. Broadly speaking, they prepare students to use HTML for various projects and understand its use in modern web programming.


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