What Does an Executive Administrator Do?

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The responsibilities of an executive administrator can be quite comprehensive and are dependent on the type of industry in which a person works. For instance, the responsibilities of an executive administrator in a retail environment might differ from that of one in a steel manufacturing plant. Some of the general duties an executive administrator can expect to perform in an organization include lending support to the human capital management of the organization, assisting in the development and delivery of programs aimed at the transmission of the company’s objectives, and keeping tabs on the financial targets of the company.

One of the responsibilities of the executive administrator is to work with the human resource department in the organization in the selection and further development of the human capital requirement of the company. For instance, the executive administrator may help in the identification of the human capital needs of the company required to fulfill such a company’s aims and objectives. If there are positions that need to be created in order to further this goal, he or she will see that this is accomplished. After ascertaining the types of human capital the company needs, the administrator will ensure that the people with the right capital are hired and retained. This may involve the development of specific tests aimed at determining if the potential employees possess the needed skills.


Another responsibility of the executive administrator is the development and implementation of programs aimed at the furthering the corporate objectives. This might involve organizing a series of meetings with other members of the company’s management, stakeholders and other employees. He or she will also ensure that the information about any new developments in the company is disseminated to the employees and customers by announcing promotions, development of new products, or other forms of news. The process of informing people about new developments may also involve posting such information on the company Web site or sending ofemails to the relevant customers or stakeholders.

If it is necessary for the company to embark on outreach programs in the communities where they are located, the executive administrator will work with the relevant people to ensure that this is carried out successfully. For instance, if the company decides to embark on the donation of items to less-privileged members of the society, the administrator will work with other team members to make this happen. The administrator will also work with the related parties needed if the project involves the sponsorship of items that will bring good publicity to the company.


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