What does an Event Producer do?

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An event producer plans and coordinates parties, conferences, training programs, sales meetings, and corporate retreats. The event producer works closely with the person or company hosting the event to plan a function that meets the goal of the client and projects the company's image in a favorable light. The producer may plan every part of the event, from the general concept to the food and entertainment, or the producer may take plans compiled by the company hosting the party, and simply provide the appropriate vendors.

A successful producer is capable of as little or as much input as the company wants. Many people producing an event want to have total control of all of the details, whether it is a wedding or a business meeting. In these situations, the job of the event producer is to keep the plans organized, present the client with lists of vendors, and show up on the day of the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Other clients may only have a vague concept of what they want, and may not even have a firm idea of what sort of budget they have to work with. In these cases, the event producer will discuss a variety of options with the client, show them pictures and discuss other similar events that they have produced in the past, and handle all of the details for the client.


The event producer's job generally lies somewhere between these two extremes. Most clients will have some parts of the event that they feel particularly strong about, and other parts that are less important. The event producer's job is to allow the client to make the decisions they want, while ensuring that the other parts of the event are also properly planned and executed.

A successful producer must have excellent communication skills, patience, strong organizational skills, and the ability to develop and follow a budget. The producer should also expect to work non-traditional hours, weekends, and holidays. While there are no formal educational requirements for an event producer, various event production companies may have specific qualifications that they expect of their employees.


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