What does an Event Photographer do?

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An event photographer specializes in taking pictures of large-scale or important events, such as weddings, corporate meetings, athletic competitions, or shows. The goal of an event photographer is to catch the feeling and highlights of gatherings, either for the promotional or personal use of the client. A successful event photographer can easily build a business around this type of work, providing him or herself with a consistent workload and constantly varying jobs.

Corporations often hire event photographers to work at big corporate occasions. Parties, conferences, retirement dinners, and company promotion events can all require the services of a photographer good with crowds and large gatherings. Photos taken at a corporate event may be used in promotional material for customers, or for employee morale and team building purposes.

An event photographer can often structure an entire business around photographing weddings and other family events. The photos taken at these gatherings are usually of great personal importance to the clients, and require a sense of artistry as well as a good head for business. In addition to taking formal portraits of the wedding party or bride and groom, an event photographer at family events can help capture the day by photographing the crowd, d├ęcor and location well.


Event photographers who prefer the outdoors and sports to wedding dresses and corporate retreats can often find work at sporting events. In this case, the client is often the event organizer, and photos may be used both to record the event and promote the organization in charge. An event photographer specializing in athletic competitions must have some knowledge of sports and be able to capture game-changing moments, victory, and unusual events such as long-shot wins. These events may also require team photos or pictures of the winners and top finishers, so some experience in portraits may be helpful.

Working as a event photographer allows some artistic freedom, but often requires that specific moments or themes be captured. Most events will require some balance between candid photography and formal images, so a photographer looking to work in events should provide a portfolio that has examples of both. Creating a great online portfolio can be key to attracting new clients.

How much money a photographer receives for events will depend on several factors. Some photographers set package deals that include a set amount of hours, film and prints for the client. Prices are often determined by the experience of the photographer as well as considerations such as equipment and labor required. As a young photographer gains experience, they can typically raise prices, although repeat clients may be rewarded with special deals for continued loyalty.


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