What does an Entertainment Manager do?

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The duties of an entertainment manager can change quite a bit, depending on the type of work in which a particular manager is involved. Many managers in this type of position work with artists, often actors, musicians, and writers, to help them in organizing and maintaining their profession. These managers often work as something of a cross between an agent, a financial counselor, and a public relations (PR) manager, while also providing a number of services that do not fall into any of these other positions. There are also opportunities for an entertainment manager who wishes to work in the entertainment industry as an events coordinator for major clubs or hotels and celebrities.

An entertainment manager is typically either someone who works with artistic individuals, usually those involved in performing arts or writing, or someone who works in event planning. The specific usage of the term often indicates what type of manager is involved in various duties. Managers who work in the entertainment industry are typically hired by creative individuals to assist in planning and executing various aspects of their careers. An entertainment manager in events planning will usually work to plan, prepare, and execute major social functions and parties.


The responsibilities of an entertainment manager who works in the entertainment industry will often depend on the needs of a particular client. This type of manager may find a client, often one who has not yet established himself or herself as a major name in the industry, or a client may seek out a manager. Once hired, the manager will typically work to help oversee the practical business aspects of a client’s career, leaving the client free to focus on his or her craft. This type of entertainment manager can help a client find an agent, assist in making contacts for a client with producers or studios, and help a client plan out his or her financial future.

An entertainment manager who works in events planning, often called an events manager, will typically work for a company to help plan and coordinate major parties and social events. This type of manager may work for a club or restaurant, and plan events that are going to be held at those locations or plan promotional events to advertise the location. An entertainment manager in events planning can also work for a particular client, such as a film production company, record label, or celebrity, to assist in planning a major event for that client, such as a party for a new film opening or birthday party for an actor.


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