What Does an Enrollment Specialist Do?

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An enrollment specialist is generally responsible for completing all the necessary steps to enroll an individual or group in a program. Often, such specialists work in higher education, but they may also be employed by private schools; preschools; gyms; government departments; or any other business, organization or club that requires enrollment. Specific duties often vary by position and industry, but such a specialist will likely process physical or electronic forms, maintain databases, and verify membership requirements. He or she might also answer enrollee and potential enrollee questions.

Within the higher education arena, an enrollment specialist is responsible for enrolling new students. This applies to colleges, universities and trade and technical schools. Duties can include gathering student information and entering it into a computer database and verifying that all required documents, such as high school transcripts and immunizations forms, have been received. It might also include communicating with students and/or parents regarding missing data, enrollment status and more.

Similar duties fall to an enrollment specialist in a private school or preschool. These schools also require that students or their parents submit applications and accompanying documentation. At smaller schools, the enrollment specialist might also be responsible for ensuring that all tuition and fees are paid prior to enrollment.


Government programs also enroll individuals. In this case, the enrollment specialist may be tasked primarily with ensuring that qualification requirements are met. This is especially true of benefits programs such as unemployment insurance, veteran's benefits and government assistance. This may require obtaining verification documents from potential enrollees and making them aware of ongoing program requirements. The specialist will also set up the individual or individuals in the system so that program benefits can begin.

Regardless of the industry, an enrollment specialist is often the primary point of contact for new students, members or enrollees. This means that he or she will be the person of whom the majority of questions are asked. The specialist needs to have a good understanding of the rules governing his or her program and of the enrollment requirements for different situations in order to answer questions completely and correctly the first time.

While hospitals, schools and government programs are some of the most likely places an enrollment specialist might work, many types of businesses hire such specialists. Other options can include clubs, gyms and insurance providers. In some situations, a supervisory enrollment specialist might oversee other specialists. This position usually comes with increased authority and pay, but also with increased responsibility.


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