What Does an Enrollment Advisor Do?

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An enrollment advisor typically works for a college or university and meets with prospective students of the institution. He or she may answer questions about the school or its academic programs and provide a tour of the campus. Should these students decide to enroll, the advisor may assist them with filling out an application and requesting transcripts from other colleges. Once the application is accepted, this professional often helps new students enroll in courses.

When people are trying to decide on a college, one of the first individuals they normally talk to is an enrollment advisor. This worker is typically well informed about admissions requirements, programs of study, and financial aid. Many prospective students like to schedule an appointment to talk to this advisor so they can find out whether they meet the criteria for admission and afford the cost of tuition. Speaking with an enrollment advisor can often help answer some of these questions. An advisor might also give them a tour of the campus, which can also be helpful in making a decision.


One of the first steps in being admitted to college involves filling out an application. This can be a stressful event for many people, but an enrollment advisor may be able to help with this. He or she can normally answer questions about the application process and double check the document to make sure it is complete. Many institutions require previous high school or college transcripts be submitted, so part of the enrollment advisor duties could involve giving advice on how to do this as well.

The work of an enrollment advisor is typically not over until a student is well established at the institution. During the first semester, an enrollment advisor could play an important role in helping a new student schedule classes and obtain the right materials for a particular course. Some colleges like to give new students a handbook to follow, so the advisor may often discuss this material with the student as well.

A bachelor's degree in education is one of the typical enrollment advisor requirements at many colleges and universities. This worker should also be comfortable talking to people both in person and on the phone. Employees who work in this career field can often develop a feeling of satisfaction whenever they help others achieve their educational goals.


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