What Does an English Grammar Tutor Do?

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An English grammar tutor teaches people about English grammar, usually on a one-on-one basis. Most people who require the services of an English grammar tutor will be having problems with the structure and rules that govern the English language. The tutor’s job is to help people who are struggling understand key concepts in grammar and improve the areas in which they are having difficulty. Determining which areas of English grammar are posing problems to the student in particular is the tutor’s first job, followed by the creation of lessons to help them correct the issues. Sometimes, an English grammar tutor will have to start from basic grammatical concepts such as nouns, verbs, and simple and complex sentences to teach his or her pupil.

The exact details of the role of English language tutor can be different depending on the level of the person requesting the tutor. An all-encompassing definition of the role would be helping students to improve their English grammar on a one-on-one basis, through lessons and exercises. Tutors are generally more able to focus their lesson plans to the needs of the individual student than ordinary teachers, who have several students simultaneously. This means that people who are taking classes in English but are still struggling with certain grammatical concepts are more likely to get a private tutor.


Students who have a general grasp of the English language and the rules of grammar which govern it often require a tutor to enhance their understanding. This is particularly important for people learning English as a foreign language or students approaching examinations in English language. The English grammar tutor’s job is to assess the current knowledge of the student and then tailor the lessons in order to fill in any knowledge gaps he or she is displaying. For example, a student may be able to create perfectly structured sentences but always mess up the subject-verb agreement. Tutors must recognize issues like this and plan and conduct lessons to address them.

Other students, particularly those just starting the language, may require an English grammar tutor to gain a basic understanding of any grammatical concepts. In these cases, it is the tutor’s job to start at the very basic level and bring the student up so that he or she has an advanced understanding of English grammar. Many students will opt to pick up the basic concepts in a large classroom taught by a teacher, but students who have trouble understanding the basics can still require a private tutor. The tutor is more able to devote extra time to areas the student finds particularly problematic.


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