What Does an Endoscopy Nurse Do?

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An endoscopy nurse assists specialists when using endoscopy on a patient. She is often the patient’s first contact and the one who answers his or her questions. There are many types of endoscopy used for routine checks and diagnostic work. This is a specialized position covering pre- and post-endoscopy care.

Endoscopy is a medical technique used to look inside the body. Using an endoscope, the specialist team will examine internal areas of the body, such as cavities and hollow organs. Common examinations occur in the nose, ear, respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract. The technique’s use was led by British nurse Patricia Bottrill.

The prospective endoscopy nurse is required to hold a number of qualifications, but most importantly, she needs to have completed a training course with an accredited nursing school. American states will require nurses to hold a copy of that state’s nursing license. They are often required to have been trained for endoscopic procedures during training or in a previous role.

Hospitals and clinics value nurses with a good disposition. They require empathy, manners, and good listening and speaking skills. The nurse’s most basic task is to provide information on the procedure and to keep the patient calm, as reducing anxiety is crucial before the technique can be carried out.


Nurses also prepare the patient for the procedure. They lead them to the procedure room and put them into the correct position, which depends on the type of endoscopy being conducted. During the procedure, the nurse is responsible for monitoring the patient’s condition. At the end, she labels and handles all specimens.

Outside of the procedure itself, nurses are responsible for coordinating admissions to the hospital or clinic. Senior nurses assess, plan, supervise, and critique all nursing care related to endoscopy. They also clean and manage all equipment used in the endoscopies and are responsible for storing and looking after a patient’s valuables during the procedure.

There are many job opportunities for an endoscopy nurse and many avenues for advancement. This includes basic nursing jobs in impatient and outpatient departments as well as in clinics and physician's offices. It is possible for a nurse in this field to advance her career into supervisory and upper management positions, such as the head of nursing, as well as training, research, and educational roles.


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