What Does an Electrical Supervisor Do?

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An electrical supervisor is responsible for overseeing the installation and maintenance of electrical systems, hiring, and training new employees and making certain that all work meets code standards. Other tasks in this profession are to organize and create worker schedules, track time sheets, and calculate payroll expenses. Maintaining parts inventories for any given job is also the responsibility of the electrical supervisor. Informing work crews of changing codes, verifying that all work is completed safely, and in step with industry standards is also the responsibility of the supervisor. Other duties include providing labor estimates to prospective clients and customers, offering insight as to what type of electrical system will work best in a given situation and troubleshooting job site problems.

The education and experience of an electrical supervisor is commonly that of a four-year science or engineering degree accompanied by several years of experience in the field. The specific educational requirements of an electrical supervisor vary depending on location, however, most areas require some form of formal education in the electrical field. Occasionally, the position of electrical supervisor will be awarded to the most experienced employee on any given crew. Typically, this employee has served as an assistant to the previous supervisor and is able to display some level of leadership among the crew.


Providing up-to-date training and education for employees is just one job component of an electrical supervisor. The supervisor must stay current on all notices and updates that concern the field of electrical engineering in order to keep abreast of any changes in codes, industry standards, and installation methods being used in the field. The supervisor also intervenes in any employee relation problems in order to maintain a smooth-functioning work crew and eliminate downtime issues. Coordinating work schedules for optimum production and making certain that all deadlines are met are additional tasks of the supervisor.

Tallying workers' hours and submitting them to the record-keeping and finance departments of a company is often assigned to the electrical supervisor as well. Keeping accurate work hours and inventory are two of the most important jobs of the supervisor. Any lapse in performance in either of these areas could result in profit loss for the company. The electrical supervisor typically inspects all work performed by the electrical workers and signs off on the task when the job is done properly. The supervisor regularly inspects projects for any signs of incomplete or improper work, and administers disciplinary action when required.


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