What does an Education Technician do?

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An education technician typically has the job of assisting teachers and other education staff members in providing appropriate lessons, creating and implementing learning activities, tracking student progress, grading student work, and supervising students. The exact job description may vary, however, depending on the school or company at which a person is hired. Often, a person who becomes an education technician provides in-classroom help to teachers as part of an internship that provides preparation for a teaching career. Some, however, may take this job without intentions of pursuing other education positions.

One of the jobs an education technician may have is working with a teacher or group of teachers to create lesson plans for students. An education technician typically works to ensure the lesson plans are age appropriate, meet the teacher’s expectations, and include various methods of teaching. In some cases, an education technician may also help develop lesson plans that meet the unique needs of special needs students.

Often, a person with this title also will be called on to help implement lesson plans. For example, he may be asked to provide reinforcement for the lessons the teacher uses with the class. Sometimes this reinforcement may take the form of spending time with a small group of students to ensure they understand the key concepts and provide additional help when necessary. In other cases, it may even involve providing one-on-one reinforcement of classroom lessons.


An education technician may also be responsible for handling a range of paperwork-related tasks. He may, for example, grade tests and homework assignments. He may also be asked to record grades using the teacher’s record-keeping system. In some cases, he may be responsible for keeping track of student progress toward educational goals. Sometimes a person with this job may even be given the task of creating individualized education program plans students.

In many cases, an education technician is also required to help create, plan, and implement a range of activities for students. This may include learning activities and games as well as trips to the library. A person in this position may also act in a supervisory capacity, making sure students are safe during field trips and recess.

The requirements a person has to meet to become an education technician may depend on the unique preferences of his potential employer. In some cases, a person can secure this job with a high school education or general educational development diploma (GED). In others, a person may be required to complete at least a couple of years of college before gaining employment.


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