What does an Education Coordinator do?

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An education coordinator is an individual who is involved in managing some educational system. Generally, the education coordinator is not part of the public school system, since there is a different hierarchy in place in school districts. Most often, an education coordinator works for some non-profit or independent business such as a charter school, contract education company, or a museum.

The main role of an education coordinator is to handle all of the “big-picture” details for a specific firm or organization. This professional role includes looking at how to allocate resources. It’s also an administrative role dealing with personnel, which is crucial for setting up a program that will succeed in attracting students.

An education coordinator might have actual experience teaching classes in order to bring some realistic knowledge of teaching to the table. He or she might be involved in hiring or even firing teachers, where the process for a non-profit or independent school is somewhat different from that of the public school system. The coordinator might also be involved in crafting curriculum.

The education coordinator could even have a role in maintaining an actual school or classroom facility. He or she might sit in on budget meetings or actively plan a budget. This job might also entail selecting and purchasing textbooks and other educational materials, or looking at what the business can do to plan for its financial future, for example, when competition or other conditions impose new risks or limitations.


In many cases, an education coordinator is the “face” of a business that is involved in seeking out students or communicating with parents or other customers. The job role often involves dealing directly with those who pay for the educational services provided. That’s why many businesses seek out a coordinator with “people skills,” experience in “customer service,” or encourage this individual to provide good accessible communications through public events and good attention to office hours.

Overall, the education coordinator is frequently the person in an alternative education environment who makes things happen. The job role can apply to programs that teach children or adults. It can also apply to special education programs. In a diversifying educational landscape, these types of education professionals will be in demand to help transform and improve the way people think about classroom education.


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