What does an Associate Software Engineer do?

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An associate software engineer is a junior employee who performs the functions of developing and using software for public and private computer functions. Like the software engineer, an associate such as this will usually work on program conception and building and may also be responsible for varying software applications. He may also be required to communicate with clients, team members, or other employees. He will cover topics like programming, code requirements and applications, and quality assurance.

A person in this job will likely report to a senior software engineer or another senior-level computer engineering manager. Due to his entry-level position, an associate software engineer will usually be required to complete extensive training and professional development, depending upon his employer and industry. He will combine this gained knowledge of computer science with the building of real-world applications in the workplace.

Coding is an important function for a computer engineer to perform, as it is the basis of software creation. Software engineers create programs for client sale and use by systematizing through the writing of code. These code statements, often long lines of symbols, deliver messages to a computer, determining and controlling its functions.


To create code statements, an associate software engineer will use a programming language. The specific programming language used will vary within companies and industries because different programming languages have different impacts on the ways in which code is written. Although on-the-job training is often an aspect of this position, an associate software engineer is usually expected to have experience with programming functions and computer language before hire.

Software engineers spend a lot of the work day typing and reading, sitting in front of a computer, and collaborating with others. They must be prepared to spend time writing and analyzing the applications they are helping to build. An associate software engineer will spend parts of the workday learning and developing his own knowledge, but will likely be responsible for the planning and creation of software for specific projects.

In some cases, especially in larger companies, an associate software engineer will not be a part of the planning or creation phases and will spend most of his time testing or implementing software changes for others in software creation and building roles. An additional job function may be the troubleshooting of company systems used to write code and create software. In many cases, an associate software engineer will be assigned to specific projects or clients and assist in software development from the beginning phases of design to the finished product.


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