What does an Assistant Branch Manager do?

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The assistant branch manager is responsible for supervising staff in order to meet sales and customer service goals, and stands ready to act as the branch manager if he is not present. The assistant branch manager reports directly to the branch manager and receives directives and tasks from him. Essential duties and responsibilities include managing the operations and services provided by the branch. Effective customer relations is often critical to the branch’s performance, and assistant branch managers play an important role in making sure that customers are satisfied with their accounts and that the branch has few account cancellations. The assistant manager must often supervise employees, work to motivate them, and train them.


Managing the operations and branch services is a daily task for which the assistant branch manager is often responsible. Tasks may include answering questions that employees may have about policies and procedures, being available to assist customers directly, and making recommendations to the branch manager about areas of improvement. For example, an assistant manager may be the only supervisor on site day to day to ensure that the branch is operating the way that it should because the branch manager works off-site or has to travel to multiple branch locations. It’s for this reason that assistant branch managers often assist with the planning and organizing of work-flow processes and procedures, because they are directly involved with what happens at the branch. The organization often also includes them when planning revenue goals or making sales forecasts.

Effective customer relations often entail exceptional service and staff who work hard to meet the needs of customers in a quality manner. The job of the assistant branch manager is to help to provide the environment and training to be effective. The branch manager may set the policy, but assistant branch managers are often the ones who carry them out.

The educational requirement of an assistant branch manager is often a high school diploma or a general equivalent diploma. An associate's or bachelor’s degree from a college or university is required for some positions, and often makes job candidates with those degrees more competitive when a college degree is not required. Job candidates who are experienced in sales are often hired for these jobs, because the position does involve meeting the sales objective of the organization. An assistant branch manager salary in the United States often ranges from $33,000 to $46,000 US Dollars (USD), which includes bonuses and profit sharing that many managers earn as a result of meeting sales and other targets. Without bonuses and profit sharing opportunities, the salary is often between $32,000 and $43,000 USD.


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