What Does an Assessment Coordinator Do?

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The primary role of an assessment coordinator is to determine the problem areas in a school's curriculum and improve them. Essentially, these individuals are responsible for providing teachers with the best possible instructional materials and students with the best education. Generally speaking, this position requires a master's degree in education or a related field and previous teaching experience. Some common tasks of an assessment coordinator include identifying curriculum weaknesses, developing improvement plans, creating or obtaining training materials for teachers, training teachers and monitoring teacher performance.

Effectively identifying the weaknesses in a school's curriculum, general policy or teaching methods is an important part of being an assessment coordinator. Basically, an individual in this position must be able to spot patterns of inadequacy or inefficient policies that are hindering the performance of a school and its students. To perform this task, an assessment coordinator may use a variety of techniques. For example, he may look at each teacher's grades, communicate with the principal, or give out surveys for students and parents.

Once he has a clear understanding of flaws within a curriculum, it's up to an assessment coordinator to develop some practical improvement plans. In the case of problems with school policies, he may come up with new policies that address the concerns of staff, students and parents. If there is a pattern of poor student performance from a particular teacher, he may recommend a workshop for that teacher to take.


Another part of this job involves either creating or obtaining training materials for teachers. Since an assessment coordinator is looking to optimize each student's education, it's important to provide teachers with the best possible instructional resources. For example, he might purchase an online training course and books for some of the school's teachers. In other instances, an assessment coordinator may create his own unique instructional booklet to address the specific needs of his school.

Along with this, he will sometimes be required to lead seminars to train teachers. During these seminars, an assessment coordinator might discuss the problems he has found, inform teachers of new school policies and provide teaching training. This aspect of the job requires a person to have solid leadership and communication skills.

In addition, an individual in this position must also monitor teacher performance. To ensure that each teacher is adhering to school policy and implementing training materials, an assessment coordinator will usually keep track of performance. This practice is often accomplished by using student and parent surveys or by observing test scores. Doing so allows a coordinator to determine how well or poorly his improvement plans are performing.


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