What does an Architect Technician do?

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A professional architect technician uses technology to design, plan, build, and inspect building projects. He or she is responsible for developing new projects in collaboration with other technicians and people in the construction field. Architectural technicians must also stay up-to-date with new technology.

As technological advances are continually developed, people proficient in relevant industrial areas are needed in the construction field. In addition to organizing and planning new building projects, architectural technicians are often needed when a city wants a dangerous building upgraded. When companies or individuals require a building remodeled, technicians in this field are often usually necessary as well.

An architect technician can expect to utilize a wide variety of skills. They should be well versed in architectural design, building regulatory requirements in their area, and applying technology to construction in general. A technician must be able to collect, collate, and organize technical information.

During a project, an architect technician will often be responsible for making decisions regarding home or business owner needs. These may include building surveys, development factors relative to an area, risk assessment, site surveys, and technical information the user should be aware of. Design safety and building inspections are usually at the heart of an architecture technician's job. His or her plans are often integral in building a strong structure and securing its safety. User health and safety is also key in building development.


People look to architectural technicians for new innovative solutions to building problems and challenges. Technicians may incorporate computer aided drafting, or CAD, programs to foster the most ideal solutions. Traditional methods of architecture, such as drawings, are also employed. An architect technician may also be responsible in securing and managing a contract.

Some other professionals that an architect technician may work with include engineers, surveyors, building inspectors, architects, and other technicians. Most architect technicians do not work alone. Instead, they are considered a vital part of an architectural team. Architect technicians are credited with providing the middle ground between construction workers and architects.

Regular visits to a building site are typical job tasks. Technicians may also anticipate working with hazardous materials, including asbestos. They should expect to work with heights, ladders, and potentially dangerous equipment. In a professional capacity, they also may be expected to attend meetings, prepare documents and presentations, and help secure the funds for building projects. Travel is often an aspect of the position as well.


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