What Does an Architect Consultant Do?

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An architect consultant is a professional who advises business managers and owners prior to building or remodeling. This kind of professional might meet with a business representative to learn about the goals he or she hopes to achieve through an architectural project. Some consultants work chiefly with businesses that operate on a certain scale or within a certain industry, while other consultants might offer a wider range of services. In some cases, an architect consultant can oversee actual construction to ensure that work is being performed in a timely and cost effective manner.

One of the most common duties performed by an architect consultant is to provide business managers with solutions regarding building design. For example, a manager in the manufacturing industry who needs to implement new equipment might consult an architectural professional to learn how to most effectively improve the design of his or her facility. A consultant might then research the specific needs and regulations regarding an industry and provide a manager with a plan that is compliant, logical, and at a cost that is reasonable for his or her budget.

Structural evaluations are also commonly performed by architect consultants. They may inspect a building to see that it is compliant with codes and regulations enforced by government agencies. If a structure needs to be remodeled in order to become compliant, an architect consultant might suggest construction practices and services from which a manager most can benefit.


Architect consultants might also assist managers in preparing and managing contracts for construction work. Some might draft contracts. Overseeing construction work to ensure that it follows contractual terms may be another of the common architect consultant duties.

Many consultants of this type oversee architectural projects. They may be responsible for making sure that work is executed in a legal and efficient manner. It also is common for an architect consultant to act as a construction project manager. In this role, a consultant can be responsible for setting a budget and revising it. He or she also might perform risk management by calculating the probability that certain events might occur then take proper steps to minimize potentially negative impacts.

Some architect consultants offer facility management services. Consultants might advise managers how best to conserve electricity. Others might offer computer and telecommunication services by helping managers to develop and implement effective networks. Factors related to security and safety might also be considered by architect consultants. They might help managers to install new alarms that are more energy efficient and cost effective.


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