What Does an Arabic Tutor Do?

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An Arabic tutor assists people in acquiring Arabic language skills. Specifically, tutors may help individuals learn to speak Arabic and, in some instances, may help individuals learn to read the language, as well. An Arabic tutor may instruct individuals who have no previous knowledge of Arabic or may help those with basic Arabic skills learn to speak or read the language more fluently.

Many tutors offer their services in a variety of different formats. For instance, an Arabic tutor may offer one-on-one teaching guidance or may offer group tutoring sessions. Many people hire a private tutor to assist with additional study guidance while simultaneously taking a formal class in Arabic, while others may use a personal tutor as a primary language teacher. An online tutor may also provide study help or direct language instruction.

Some people find pre-recorded lessons from an Arabic tutor to be helpful in learning the language. In this way, tutoring sessions can be self-paced and be listened to repeatedly until a student feels comfortable advancing to another level. Many such language training programs are mass produced, although an individual Arabic tutor may also create her own video or audio recordings to offer directly to students.


Learning Arabic with a live tutor is believed by many to be one of the more effective ways of acquiring Arabic language skills. As such, a tutor is able to directly observe a student’s progression in learning Arabic and can often tailor exercises to help a student advance. Some of the tools and exercises an Arabic tutor may use are flash cards, as well as assigning oral Arabic presentations. A live Arabic tutor is also able to converse with students in Arabic to help develop conversational listening and speaking skills.

Just as might any other educational tutor, an Arabic tutor may work with other professionals to help students achieve optimal results. For example, a tutor may communicate with one or more of a student’s other teachers to report a student’s progress. A tutor may also consider work that a student may engage in with another academic tutor to tailor Arabic tutoring sessions to include other concepts. For example, if a student is also being tutored in literature, an Arabic tutoring professional may help a student learn poems or stories in Arabic in an attempt to support a student in learning both subjects.


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