What does an Applications Engineer do?

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Software applications are the computer programs that provide automation for people and businesses. These applications require a vast support organization, which manages the stability of the systems within a company. An applications engineer is a computer technician who manages the computer hardware and software for an organization. He is typically responsible for the maintenance and configuration of the computer software in a company.

Most application engineers have a broad understanding of computers and technical devices. They have extensive experience and training on many facets of the information technology field. These individuals typically have an education background in computer science.

Cyber security is the process of monitoring and managing malicious computer security attacks against an organization. An applications engineer is responsible for installing and managing security measures for a company. These security measures include firewall configuration, security certificates, and general password management.

A web-based application is a software program that is designed for the Internet, and this type of program typically runs on multiple web application servers. An engineer is responsible for configuring web application servers, which includes the management of special configuration files that determine the security and connectivity constraints for the enterprise.


A web server is the first point of entry for an Internet-based application and determines the authenticity of incoming traffic for a website. The applications engineer is responsible for managing the web servers. This includes the management of special encryption keys that are used to access the websites of an organization.

A field engineer is an individual who understands and configures computer workstations. He or she is responsible for ensuring that computers function correctly. Most are general purpose engineers who understand networks, hardware, software, and external devices. They are considered the handymen of software engineering.

Software applications require periodic maintenance for patches and general upgrades, and applications engineers are often responsible for installing these patches onto programs. This is typically done during off hours so that it has less impacts on business operations. An engineer must manage the daily operations of a computer environment.

The applications engineer is typically required to carry an off-duty pager, which allows him or her to be contacted in the event of systems failure. When a system fails, this person is expected to quickly understand what the problem is and to fix it promptly. He or she is often referred to as the firefighter for information technology.


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