What Does an Application Support Specialist Do?

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Application support specialists are individuals who help to solve computer problems. These individuals typically must complete four-year bachelor’s degrees in information technology as well as possess knowledge of a wide range of computer programs. Specialists also need to have solid oral communication and listening skills and be analytical. People who work in this field have to help clients with a wide range of technical issues, produce reports on these activities, and set up software programs. They further research new software possibilities, develop these products, and teach staff members how to address technological enigmas.

An application support specialist is primarily responsible for helping customers to cope with computer system problems. He or she must be able to prioritize which issues need to be addressed first and should have the ability to work quickly when investigating and implementing technology solutions. If the specialist cannot pinpoint an ideal resolution to a problem, he or she has to come up with alternative ways to deal with the quandary. The specialist also tracks the nature of various end user requests to see what issues might be the most common, and he or she makes sure that all technical areas of concern are handled adequately. Strong written communication skills are necessary for drafting reports on these findings as well.


A person in this industry also makes software products available for use. Part of an application support specialist’s job is to install new programs and inform computer users on how to use them. He or she additionally helps to define software parameters — the required characteristics of programs such as file names — to make sure that they operate correctly.

Research is another valuable aspect of a job position in this field. An application support specialist explores software options that better meet people’s needs. Following the program development process, this type of professional is responsible for testing the software to make sure that it achieves desired results. The employee makes suggestions on how to improve the product before providing it for customers to use.

An individual in this career area additionally must have solid management skills. A person who plans to become an application support specialist should be prepared to train other personnel on how to meet the technical needs of customers effectively. This type of specialist creates policies on the correct methods for addressing different computer issues to ensure that quality service is provided consistently.


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