What Does an Application Support Engineer Do?

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An application support engineer delivers technical support for software applications and technologies to a specific target audience, according to the needs of a business. These professionals understand high-level technologies, and help to interpret feedback from end users or address other issues as necessary. An application support engineer is part of a range of staff devoted to making sure that existing software architecture within a business is working well and being used efficiently.

In general, application support is a kind of technical support that focuses on the usage of specific technologies. Although this can be defined in different ways, some within the industry see it as a role that provides help to people within a business, and serves their needs for solving problems or finding best practices for a set of technologies. Other similar job roles include application support analyst, technical support engineer, or application support specialist. All of these types of IT professionals help to develop best practices for managing a service oriented architecture or overall IT setup for an employer or client.

Most application support engineers need to be familiar with the range of technologies most commonly used in a certain class of business. For some, this includes the database technology SQL, along with common network setups, and more obscure operating systems like Unix. Qualified application support engineers will also be familiar with a range of programming languages that are used to build the applications that they support.


The specific duties of an application support engineer vary according to the needs of the business. These professionals might work closely with a department of a business that uses a particular set of applications the most. Some application support engineers might create or maintain applications in coordination with one of these departments.

Other technology issues might also fall into the jurisdiction of the application support engineer. These professionals might consult on troubleshooting hardware or setting up new systems. They may be useful in assisting a greater IT department with the various logistics of complicated server operations. These types of engineers serve modern businesses in many practical ways related to the use of technologies, which were often created specifically for business uses such as advanced data storage, remote access, predictive modeling, or other goals and objectives.


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Post 3

Indeed I guess this would be the ind of job an energetic sharp minded young person would pursue. Where as an older person might look for something more routine and steady, because they might have other things that take priority over career, such as health and or a family member who needs assistance in their daily lives.

Post 2

@Contentum - I know a few people who are Application Support Engineers and they tell me that it entails a lot. They have to have their finger on just about every corner of a company that has a web presence. They also have to be primed and ready to not only change direction but to either speed up or slow down a project as per the needs of the client. Overall it sounds like a very hectic and constantly shifting work environment.

Post 1

This sounds like a career that would be ideal for someone that wants to have various angles of technological expertise under their fingers. I would assume the pay is commensurate with the level of proficiency and experience with the programming languages used in the firm.

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