What Does an Application Consultant Do?

Jennifer Leigh

Application consultants work in the information technology field to help businesses and organizations develop technological systems and solutions. A person in this position looks at the specific needs of an organization, attempts to understand the business process, and knows how to create tailored applications for it. Individuals working in consultant positions can be employed by multiple people at one time for varying contract lengths. It is the job of this consultant to purchase, install, and train others on the newest applications in various fields. They work both independently and for consulting organizations to perform these tasks.

An application consultant helps to train members of an organization on how to use software that the company has purchased.
An application consultant helps to train members of an organization on how to use software that the company has purchased.

Applications are computer software programs that help organizations and individuals perform processes and functions easily and effectively. An application consultant has to have a good grasp on existing applications, as well as the ability to create new ones based upon the needs of an organization. Application consultants also meet with clients to determine their needs in regards to computer systems. If an organization already has a system in place, the consultant can help make it more modern and helpful for the current needs of the organization.

An application consultant needs to have good business analysis skills to determine the best way for an organization to move forward with its technology. Once the business has been analyzed, the consultant has to communicate the findings and needs of the organization with the managers. A compromise has to be reached about the necessary applications that are needed for the organization, and then the consultant helps to locate, create, or purchase the needed tools. This requires a strong background in computer science or a related field, as the application consultant often creates new software to bridge gaps in existing programs.

After the software has been purchased or created, the consultant helps to install the equipment or software so that the organization can begin using it. Once the software solutions have been installed, the consultant helps train members of the organization on how to use it. This calls for good communication skills on the part of the consultant, so that he or she can accurately convey this information, as applications are only helpful when they are functional. Application consultants in large consulting firms might not perform each individual function of the job, but rather have one type of duties that are performed regularly.

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