What does an Apartment Property Manager do?

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An apartment property manager is responsible for the basic business operations of an apartment property. In some cases, the individual may live on site and could even receive free or reduced rent as part of the compensation package. The main duties of an apartment property manager include the collection of rents, troubleshooting of simple problems, overseeing daily maintenance, helping to show properties, and drawing up leases. Depending on the size of the apartment complex, the manager could supervise a number of individuals.

Any leasing agents and maintenance workers typically work under the direction of the apartment property manager. In some cases, the maintenance may be done by the manager himself or may be contracted with another provider of such services. This includes services such as cleaning and landscaping. In either case, the apartment property manager will be the one responsible for making sure the work is done properly and on time.

As with any commercial property manager, those who manage apartment properties may be responsible for handling a number of problems. If there are maintenance issues associated with a unit, the manager will likely be one of the first to know. It will often be up to the manager to decide if the problem can be handled by an employee of the property or whether an outside expert will need to be called in. The property manager will need to decide how serious the problem is and whether the solution is worth the added expense.


Typically, it is also the job of the apartment property manager to make sure any other problems or tenant complaints are taken care of. In addition to the maintenance and mechanical issues that may come up, tenants may have problems with other tenants, parking, or crime on the property. The manager will often listen to the complaints and help come up with solutions to deal with the problem.

If the apartment property manager is responsible for signing leases, the individual will likely need to have some experience in marketing. The manager will need to show property to potential residents, provide pricing and options, and make sure all legal documents are valid. In most cases, there will be a checklist and predetermined lease agreement that will be available for the apartment property manager's use.

When a tenant is late with a rent payment, the apartment property manager's job is to seek collection as soon as possible. The manager may decide to work on a repayment plan or may take a more hard-line approach, often depending on the situation. If necessary, the manager may even need to being eviction proceedings on tenants who never catch up on their obligations.


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Is it an apartment managers' responsibility to dictate how a person is required to dress in their presence? I received a monthly newsletter some time ago that was humiliating and degrading to all female senior residents. I reported this to the corporate management and the property manager was removed from the property and replaced with a new manager although the assistant manager was allowed to remain. I keep receiving harassing comments from this assistant manager. I feel like calling my attorney for advice on how to proceed. I feel very threatened.

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