What does an Apartment Manager do?

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An apartment manager typically takes responsibility for the day-to-day operation of an apartment complex. His job often involves collecting rent and depositing payments as well as contacting residents who have fallen behind on their rental payments. He may also handle requests, comments, and complaints from tenants. If a person needs maintenance or there is an emergency situation in one of the apartments, the manager is generally expected to find a solution. He may also advertise for new tenants and screen applicants.

One of an apartment manager’s most important jobs is finding tenants to fill vacancies. To do this, he often places ads in newspapers, phone directories, and apartment living guides, but may also use fliers, signs, Web sites, and other resources for generating interest. He may also create special promotions to make moving into a complex he manages a more attractive proposition. When a prospective tenant is interested in a vacancy, the manager may give him a tour of the apartment and the grounds, collect his application, screen him, and either decide whether or not to rent to him or pass along the owner’s decision.

An apartment manager typically has a range of financial responsibilities. He may collect rents and security deposits. If a tenant is late, he may collect a late fee or begin other delinquency proceedings. An apartment manager may also pay bills the apartment complex incurs. For example, if the complex requires construction services, he could be responsible for paying the construction company.


In many cases, an apartment manager acts as a general supervisor of the complex’s employees as well. He may hire and supervise customer service representatives, accountants, maintenance staff, cleaners, and groundskeepers. For example, he may set schedules for work, assign tasks, and maintain employment records. If someone is not performing as expected, he often has the job of firing as well.

Much of an apartment manager’s job requires him to act as a problem solver. He may field requests and complaints from tenants and employees alike. If, for example, a tenant complains about a broken dishwasher, it is generally his responsibility to decide whether or not to fix or replace it, and to hire or assign someone to complete the task. Likewise, if an employee complains that his paycheck was lacking some of the money he earned, it is often the apartment manager’s job to check and solve the problem.

Generally, there are no specific requirements for becoming an apartment manager. Many employers only require applicants to have high school diplomas or the equivalent, but earning a college degree may make an applicant more attractive. Business, management, and customer service experience may prove helpful as well.


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