What Does an Algorithm Developer Do?

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An algorithm developer is a technical professional who is generally responsible for developing algorithms, which are technical pieces of computer code that produce specific results in many different fields. Some experts might call these individuals high-tech programmers because algorithms are often the most technical and complicated parts of web or technology projects. The algorithm developer will most often work from an identified problem or goal, and build specific algorithms to address the problem or achieve specific results.

One way to understand what algorithm developers do is to contrast these individuals with other web programmers or computer programmers who mainly work on interfaces and other display oriented work. Web designers or software designers sometimes don’t focus on any of the technical functions for the product. Algorithm developers are always focused on the functional code that allows for the “intelligence” of a piece of technology.

Algorithm developers work in many different fields, for example, in image and signal processing, application development, and even in web engineering or engineering for simple consumer products that include computer chips. The algorithm developer works with high-level math to craft algorithms in a specific coding language. Algorithm developers might use computer programming languages like C, work in operating systems like Linux, or use other technologies as environments for their complex equations that will promote functionality in any kind of engineered project.


In the course of his or her work on algorithms, an algorithm developer might be involved in various stages of development. This might include brainstorming with multiple departments on the goals for algorithms in projects. During algorithm engineering, these professionals might build functional code using mathematical equations, software tools, or visual representations of code functions. After algorithms are built, algorithm developers might evaluate them for amendment or alteration. This kind of “quality assurance” is something that many types of developers will be involved in from time to time.

More broadly speaking, algorithm developers are the minds behind the carefully built equations that allow computers and other devices to do their work. Algorithms are built according to a lot of careful observation, and must be written exactly in order to provide the intended result. These technical engineers are often highly compensated members of an IT department. They must have an advanced knowledge of how to actually direct a computer to perform high-level and complex calculations for a given outcome.


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