What Does an Advisory Services Manager Do?

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Advisory services managers are professionals who supervise company offices that consult with business clients on how to comply with established standards for keeping financial accounts. These types of managers can work with customers in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to post-secondary education and even manufacturing. A person who wishes to become an advisory services manager needs to complete at least a four-year bachelor’s degree program in finance and accounting. Managers essentially strive to keep customers from suffering the legal consequences of incorrect monetary practices. They also supervise other employees and complete continuing education in this evolving field.

The key focus of an advisory services manager is to help companies to make sure that they are meeting the requirements of major finance industry regulations. These rules address how companies should properly adhere to accounting principles and report their financial statuses. An advisory service manager essentially helps his or her clients to create plans to internally audit their monetary books in an efficient manner to avoid legal trouble.

Fraud investigation is another service area that falls under the umbrella of an advisory services manager. Someone in this position at a company might plan projects associated with forensic accounting, a field that combines finance skills with investigative expertise to pinpoint illegal bookkeeping activities taking place at an organization. Managers in this field work to stop practices such as the misuse of company funds, for example.


Leading teams that work with financial clients to prevent monetary risk constitute a major role of an advisory services managers. He or she is responsible for assigning team members to various aspects of daily projects and setting deadlines for various phases of these assignments. In addition to coaching subordinates on how to comply with company standards, he or she must also initiate performance reviews to inform employees of their progress on their work with customers.

Staying current on changing laws regarding financial reporting is an invaluable part of an advisory role as well. A manager who provides consulting services to companies needs to attend public accounting conferences and complete continuing education college courses to learn about new legal developments in the field. Instructors will share information with an advisory services manager regarding new industry technologies that help firms to better analyze and inspect their accounting records accurately and on a regular basis.


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