What does an Advertising Executive do?

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An advertising executive is a professional who works for an advertising agency and serves as liaison between the ad agency and its customers. The executive, sometimes referred to as an advertising sales agent, is responsible for handling and coordinating an ad campaign for clients, which involves marketing, promotions, creative design, and public relations. An advertising executive usually reports to an advertising manager and may handle multiple accounts simultaneously. Typically, the professional has at least a bachelor’s degree and will be required to work more than 40 hours per week in a competitive environment.

An advertising executive works closely with her clients and is required to understand how to meet their needs and objectives. Before embarking on an advertising campaign, the executive must learn about a client’s product or service, and then determine who the target audience is for that product or service. The executive is responsible for formulating a game plan that addresses marketing strategies and opportunities for her client. Advertising campaigns may include running ads in different media outlets including television, radio, magazines, and newspapers.


Typically, an account executive will meet with clients every day during an advertising campaign. The executive will take information gathered from meetings with clients and effectively and concisely convey information to creative staff at the advertising agency, including graphic designers, writers, and photographers who will design the ads. Once ads have been created, the executive will meet with his client to get approval or get feedback for necessary changes. While supervising and coordinating an ad campaign, an advertising executive will be responsible for making sure the campaign meets deadlines and stays within the client’s budget. Also, the account executive will brief clients on sales projections for the ad campaign.

Other duties of the advertising executive include examining the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Not only will the ad executive make sure clients are happy, he also will make sure the accounts are making profits for his advertising agency. Working in advertising is not a stable career; if an advertising agency loses a major account, the advertising sales agent may be let go.

An advertising executive also may be responsible for bringing in new business to his advertising agency. This might be done through cold calling or meeting with potential clients. Other ways an account executive might drum up new business is through attending business conferences and seminars.

Most advertising account executives have a strong background in advertising and sales. The professionals generally major in advertising, marketing, liberal arts, or business administration. Some people in this field earn a master’s degree in business administration. Account executives may advance in this career by becoming an account supervisor or advertising manager.


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