What does an Advertising Director do?

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An advertising director is typically responsible for a company’s advertising campaigns, budget, and staff. He or she will typically help create and execute advertising campaigns and marketing endeavors and will often be a part of advertising both directly and by overseeing the efforts of others. This usually includes working with copywriters, graphic designers and artists, other advertising professionals, and supervising the efforts of one or more teams simultaneously. An advertising director will also usually have to take direction from and report to managers or officers of a company higher up than he or she is.

One of the major duties of an advertising director is planning, overseeing the execution of, and analyzing the success of advertising and marketing campaigns for a company. While advertising professionals are often involved directly with the creation of an ad campaign and running the campaign, a director is typically charged with overseeing the efforts of multiple teams simultaneously. An advertising director will typically have a degree in advertising and will have worked in advertising for at least five years with a number of successful campaigns to show for it. He or she will also typically be expected to create budgets for a planned campaign, and ensure that these are not surpassed.


The advertising campaign for a company is usually devised and established by an advertising director with an overall sense of how the campaign should be run. He or she will then bring on other advertising professionals to execute the campaign, typically managing the campaign to ensure it is running smoothly and dealing with any major issues that may arise while running it. This often involves being able to manage both time and people, and having a sense of how others can be incorporated into a project and work to further the overall goal and vision of a campaign.

An advertising director will typically be fairly high up within a company and have a number of other professionals reporting directly to him or her, including writers and artists. He or she, however, will also report to those over him or her, and these supervisors will often be owners of a company or corporate officers with a direct stake in the success of an advertising campaign. This means that an advertising director not only needs to be able to direct and lead others, but also typically is expected to take direction and feedback in a way that is professional. He or she may be hired by a company to run the advertising division of the company, or work for another agency that is then hired by companies to produce advertising campaigns.


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