What Does an Acne Specialist Do?

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An acne specialist is an individual who treats people of all ages and with varying skin types who are experiencing acne skin disorders. In addition to treating people with specific acne symptoms, a skin specialist will also work with clients to achieve acne prevention. An acne specialist may have gone to medical school to become a licensed dermatologist, may be trained as a medical aesthetician or may have attended cosmetology school to specialize in skin care.

While acne care can be self-administered, very stubborn forms of acne often require more intense intervention. Depending on the cause, certain types of acne even naturally disappear without treatment. For acne eruptions that do not respond to over-the-counter acne treatment or that do not naturally go away, an acne specialist is often necessary to eliminate acne and to prevent or treat permanent tissue scarring.

In some areas, acne specialists must be licensed to treat individuals with skin disorders. Licensing is often accomplished by completing college-level coursework to become a medical aesthetician, as well as passing rigorous testing to prove one’s competency in treating skin problems. An acne specialist may also enter the field by completing medical training to become a medical doctor specializing in dermatology. Though many dermatologists specialize in acne treatment, many also offer other more specialized medical services such as laser skin treatments, diagnosing and treating various diseases of the skin and scalp, and the removal of benign tumors and blemishes.


Some of the treatment measures administered by an acne specialist include the use of special skin cleansers, dietary recommendations and instructions regarding skin care basics. An acne specialist will also help clients understand their own skin type, as well as the special care required for that type. If licensed to prescribe medicine, a skin care specialist may also prescribe topical and oral medications to combat serious acne problems.

The precise duties of an acne specialist will vary according to the laws regulating this industry in different jurisdictions. Most also, however, offer treatments deemed to stimulate and support healthy skin in general. This often includes laser hair removal, chemical skin peels, exfoliating facials and the treatment of other skin disorders related to environmental damage or vitamin deficiencies. A skin specialist also treats people who are prone to acne at any age and who experience outbreaks on various parts of the body. A trained acne specialist is generally able to treat people from various different ethnic backgrounds with most acne-related skin care concerns.


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