What does a Web Strategist do?

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A web strategist will typically work for or with a company to devise, develop, and oversee how that company establishes and grows its presence on the Internet. This is typically a marketing position, with technological knowledge and skills running second to marketing experience and background. These strategists are often involved in developing what approach a company takes with regard to its online presence. A web strategist typically works with other people to properly oversee various projects and teams, and to ensure that budgets are established and met.

Also known by other job titles, including “eMarketing manager,” a web strategist is typically a management-level position, though it can also be an officer position at some corporations. This usually depends on the type of work a company performs and the importance of the company’s online presence in relation to its business strategies. A company that is heavily involved in eCommerce will often have a corporate officer who oversees Internet activity, such as a chief Internet officer or similar position. Someone working as a web strategist will typically have a background primarily in marketing and various marketing strategies, with several years of experience specifically working in developing Internet marketing programs.


A web strategist typically works with one or more teams of people directly beneath him or her, and these people work to carry out the various campaigns and programs the strategist devises. These teams will often be involved with designing and developing the website for a company, working with focus groups and research to improve on any existing websites, and finding ways to spread awareness of a company through the Internet. A web strategist oversees these other teams and ensures that various programs are being developed effectively and with a cohesive vision.

Since a web strategist is a managerial position, he or she will typically deal with proper budgeting and resources for online marketing as well. This usually includes both financial and human resources, and, depending on the strategist and teams involved, matters such as pay raises, scheduling, and overtime. The web strategist typically reports to other managers, officers, or a board of directors for a company and acts to ensure a company remains profitable and relevant in the midst of advancing technology. These strategists also tend to remain aware of the latest online trends and popular culture in order to properly find new ways of appealing to various Internet users.


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Post 3

@ZipLine-- That's a great question. I'm not exactly an expert on this topic so I encourage others to reply and explain this better.

As far as I know, there are different directions that one can take when it comes to web strategy and eMarketing. Of course, knowledge of internet and websites and marketing are essential in any case. But some people lean more towards marketing while lean more towards the website aspect.

There are web strategists that basically design a website to make it most friendly for customers. Others do research and make recommendations about business opportunities online. And yet others concentrate more on the marketing projects that will be initiated online to attract business. There may also be web strategists that do a little bit of all.

Post 2

How does one become a web strategist? Are there specific programs and courses in college for this?

I'm planning on studying marketing and I'm interested in eMarketing the most. Is it enough to have a marketing degree and to be familiar with various web opportunities for marketing? Can I do this job with this type of background?

Post 1

I think that web strategy is one of the most desired, growing positions of late. Marketing and business has very much moved onto the online platform nowadays. It's essential for businesses, even those that only operate out of a physical location, to have a presence online. Moreover, there are so many online facilities for successful marketing like social media sites, websites and blogs. So a business that does not take advantage of these opportunities will be losing out.

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