What does a Web Programmer do?

Harriette Halepis

Web programmers could also be called web experts. These professionals create web programs based upon a client's wishes. Web programmers design everything from basic web sites to interactive web sites. The main goal of a web programmer is to turn an Internet idea into a functioning program. While seemingly glamorous, the work of a web programmer is often difficult and time-consuming.

Web programmers may be used to work with a site's HTML code.
Web programmers may be used to work with a site's HTML code.

When a web programmer is handed a new project, he or she spends many days trying to figure out the technical aspects of that project. Once the technicalities have been worked out, the actual project construction begins. The various tasks that a programmer is asked to do will vary from company to company along with a programmer's official job title. Some of these experts are referred to as software engineers or developers rather than web programmers.

Web programmers design everything from basic web sites to interactive web sites.
Web programmers design everything from basic web sites to interactive web sites.

A day in the life of a web programmer includes developing code, modifying code, designing new concepts and products, testing products, and explaining the concept behind a new product to a work team. Since programmers work with a large number of people in order to finish a project, prospective programmers must be able to communicate effectively while working with others.

In addition, a programmer should be able to think creatively. Often, clients will approach programmers with an idea that has never been translated into a technical product. It is the job of a programmer to take this idea and turn it into something tangible. In this sense, imagination is an extremely important asset that a web designer must possess. While most techniques and skills can be learned within an academic environment, imagination and creativity cannot be taught.

Some web programmers obtain four-year university degrees, while others gain all the knowledge they need from technical school. Essentially, programmers need to know all about programs that they will be using. In short, companies will not hire programmers who are not schooled in the programs that a company wishes to use. Therefore, a programmer's education is never quite complete.

While some programmers may need to be very familiar with the operating and scripting program called UNIX, others need to be well-versed in different programs. Thus, a programmer that keeps abreast with the latest programs is also a programmer that will always be in demand. Companies that hire these professionals can vary drastically, though almost all companies require this type of expert at one time or another.

The best way for a web programmer to find a well-paid position is to apply directly to companies. Alternately, some programmers may find that specializing in one field or another is the best way to remain in-demand. When a company needs a new program of any sort, they will often look for a qualified, personable, web programmer.

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Programming is sometimes too hard but when you learn that step by step then it is very very easy.


@Terrificli -- The problem with that is that some people simply do not know how to run a business. It takes a certain amount of skill to be a good web programmer, but how many of them can also run a business well? Just because you can use the latest tips and tricks to build an Internet site does not mean that paying taxes, managing clients' money and all those other things will be second nature.

I have seen a lot of good programmers go from working for themselves to working for a company just so they do not have the headaches that come from running a business. That is something for a hotshot programmer to consider, huh?


A web programmer can find lucrative work for a corporation, but I have known a lot around here that have done extremely well by going out on their own. If someone does a great job for a couple of clients, word will get around and they will pick up more work.

That is a risky way to go, sure, but a good programmer can make more money on his own time than he can with a business if everything goes right.

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