What Does a Web Design Tutor Do?

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There are many subjects involved in learning web design. It is important that the designer understand aesthetics in order to create an attractive site. He or she must also be able to use all of the software necessary to put the site together, such as Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), Java® and other related programs. A web design tutor can assist the student in learning some or all of the requirements for creating a web site.

Whether or not a web design tutor works face-to-face with a student depends on where each is located. In many cases the tutor is someone who is located near a college and has decided to offer tutoring services to the students. The advantage of this is that the two of them can meet as often as is necessary so that the tutor can assist the student with his or her studies. Quite often being able to meet one-on-one with a student is an important part of the job for a web design tutor.


If distance or scheduling is a problem, the tutor may instead use the Internet as a way to connect with students. Chats, email and specialized programs allow the tutor and student to connect no matter how much distance separates them. The tutor may even have many of the lessons pre-made and will send out the same information to all students. This gives students an equal amount of basic information plus access to the tutor for clarification of anything they don’t understand.

The specific subjects a web design tutor teaches will vary based on the student’s needs. Tutors may help with one subject, several subjects or with an entire web design program that leads to a degree or certificate for the student. Typically the student has the option of requesting as much or as little tutoring as is needed.

It is the responsibility of the web design tutor to make sure each student he or she tutors is able to understand the basics of web design. A tutor often will work with a student on homework, helping the student to comprehend and successfully complete each assignment. Since tutors charge by the hour most students try to do as much as they can on their own, saving the hard questions or things they don’t understand to go over with the tutor.

A web design tutor needs to know how to design and create a complete web site. It is important that the tutor also be able to effectively communicate this knowledge to the student in a practical manner. By the time the student finishes a class the subject matter should be mastered. The tutor is there to help the student, not to do the work for the student.


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