What does a Web Copywriter do?

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A web copywriter is a person who writes sales copy for the Internet. This can include direct pitch sales, content writing, and other things. In a more extensive definition these copywriters are basically responsible for not only creating sales through their words but also using words to increase traffic to websites.

Web copywriters may telecommute for their jobs.
Web copywriters may telecommute for their jobs.

The qualifications it takes to become a web copywriter may vary. Some people have experience writing offline ad copy. Others are just strong writers with a gift of gab that can translate into generating traffic and increasing customer interest. Many people are native speakers of the language in which they write, and have training in fields like marketing, journalism, or literature. This training or skills has to be paired with things people know about marketing via the Internet, and there are many places to learn how write specifically for the web.

A web copywriter may be an employee of a large company or agency.
A web copywriter may be an employee of a large company or agency.

There are a number of things that a web copywriter might do. He/she might create thoughtful and eye-catching titles for pages. Copywriters also have to add advertising text that will most appeal to the consumer. Additionally, these writers often write informational content. Trends in Internet indexing show that sites with content that makes judicious use of keywords help to improve search engine ratings. Great copy about a product or service is only valuable when customers visit a site, and content writing can be a means of increasing number of visitors.

When not creating, the web copywriter could be researching or editing. Since copywriters can work for many different companies, they need to have expertise knowledge in the products of the company, especially if they will write informational content articles too. Editing clearly plays a very important part. Poor grammar, spelling errors, and simply bad wording may not create a good impression about a company’s professionalism.

The web copywriter could work in many different settings and pay scale ranges significantly. Some copywriters work at home for copywriting companies or they start their own businesses to offer this service to other companies. At other times, a company decides to hire from within to produce content and copy. The degree to which this is successful depends on the skill of the writer and level of understanding about online marketing. As for pay scale, some people pay very low rates to copywriters; those who have an excellent reputation (and high ranking copywriting service websites) may make as much or more as offline copywriters.

Those interested in becoming a web copywriter should read more on the subject. There are many free sites that offer advice and guidance on how to find jobs or start a business. Some people find this profession lucrative, if they possess strong writing skills, clear understanding of web writing, and the ability to market. Initially, most people need time to develop their skills and a customer base before a higher income can be made.

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