What does a Web Content Manager do?

Ken Black

A web content manager is a person who updates websites that may need to be updated regularly, such as a blog site or website. In some cases, the manager may be responsible for producing web content. In other cases, he or she may just have content management duties which includes editing, posting and removing pieces from time to time.

Web content managers often need skills in online marketing and social media.
Web content managers often need skills in online marketing and social media.

One of the primary responsibilities of the web content manager is to keep his or her website operating at peak efficiency and making sure the information displayed on the site is very fresh. Most who need content managers understand the importance of always keeping the site informative and appealing. Therefore, any manager hired will need to sit down with the site owner and figure out what exactly they will want.

Some web content positions are more difficult than others.
Some web content positions are more difficult than others.

Some sites are updated very frequently, as frequently as multiple times in an hour's period. In such cases, the content manager can stay very busy. He or she may not only need to search for new material to put on the site, but also proof and edit that material, as well as write compelling titles or headlines of interest to local readers.

For those sites which allow discussion posts, the job may be even more difficult. This is because it is often a duty of the web content manager to make sure the discussions posted do not violate any laws or sense of good taste. While this latter description is subjective, it can be very important to those companies who are trying to project a certain image. Any material in either one of these categories will likely be taken down as soon as the manager becomes aware of it.

The web content manager often works through content management software (CMS). This software enables the manager to quickly makes needed changes at the click of a button. Further, it often places the text, video or audio into a template for uploading to the internet. In these situations, it may be there is very little design work actually left for the manager to deal with.

The web content manager may also rely, at least partially, on content producers to help keep the site up to date with different postings. While these should be read by the manager when he or she gets the chance, most writers are able to work independently. Often, the content they produce is acceptable as written, which can make the manager's job much easier.

A web content manager might maintain a company's blog.
A web content manager might maintain a company's blog.

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How much do web content managers make and what kind of background and training do they need? I have been writing for the web for a long time but I do not have any formal training. I am also pretty shaky when it comes to HTML. Is there any shot that I could get one of these jobs?


Most big sites will have some kind of web content management system that allows them to add, subtract or alter content more easily and efficiently than going straight to the HTML code. Without systems like these it would be nearly impossible to effectively manage a really content heavy site like Amazon or Microsoft.com.


Just 20 years ago there was no such thing as a web site content manager. Now there are thousands of people performing this kind of job all over the world. Think about the internet. Most of it is words. Sure we get attracted by the pictures and video and downloads, but most of the internet is text. And that text is called content. Imagine how big a job it is to keep track of all this content, even on a single site.

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