What Does a Video Specialist Do?

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A video specialist is a professional who focuses on one or more aspects of video production. This can include actual filming as well as editing and production. Job duties can include a wide range of tasks, including placing lighting and sets, running a video camera, cutting footage, editing in effects and duplicating or posting video. Specialists can work for a variety of direct employers or can be self-employed, independent contractors.

There are many different tasks a video specialist might undertake. When video is filmed in a studio or other set location, lighting must be positioned so as to provide the best possible shot. Sound enhancement or recording equipment might also be used to ensure a usable audio track. Different types of lighting and sound equipment may be used for different types of indoor and outdoor sets. Video professionals must know what types of equipment are available and use the right items for the environment.

Recording footage is often the core job of a video specialist. This might include staged video, such as for a commercial or movie shoot. It might also, however, include live, unscripted coverage, such as for a newscast or special event. Video specialists often shoot on location and must know how to work with varying conditions.


Once footage is recorded, it often must be cut or edited. This can include simply editing segments of video together, removing bad or extraneous footage and possibly cutting still photos into the footage. Other videos require the addition of special effects, ranging from graphic insertion to placement of transitions and fades. A video specialist might complete any or all of these functions, depending on the project.

Videos must also be produced in a usable format. In some cases, video is burned or pressed onto portable media, such as a DVD. In other cases, it is loaded onto a website, server or other electronic medium. Compression methods differ depending on the way the video will be displayed, and the video specialist must determine the correct method and execute the necessary steps to make the video usable.

Many types of companies employ video specialists. Television stations, movie companies, advertising agencies, colleges and special events facilities are a few. It is not unusual, however, for a video specialist to be self employed and to contract for any of these types of businesses or for private clients. Niche specialists include wedding videographers, those who focus on sporting events and those who record video of court proceedings.


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