What Does a Video Game Developer Do?

Esther Ejim

Just like the term suggests, a video game developer is someone who devotes his or her efforts toward the development of video game concepts until they become a workable physical reality. Such people are usually, but not necessarily, trained in the area of software development, which is an essential factor in the development of the games. The video game developer may also be a single person working on a freelance or contract basis, or it may a company that is devoted to the development of video games with a number of developers working there. Some video game developers also prefer to carve a niche for themselves, master the process and concentrate on that particular type of video game, such as is the case in the development of war-themed or battle-related video games as well as sport-themed video games.

A handheld video game.
A handheld video game.

A video game developer might specialize in the development of a particular aspect of the video game, a factor that video game companies recognize and use to their advantage. For example, programming is just one aspect of the development of video games, as the full realization of the final product involves the input of other professionals, such as the artist and the musician. Some corporate video game developers usually set aside a substantial budget for the hiring of the very best in the various stages of the video game development process. They might hire skilled musicians to add a score to the video game, not unlike what occurs during the editing of a movie, due to the fact that the music in the games contribute to the success of the game. Other roles include designers and testers who will check the final product to ensure that it is working according to expectations.

Some video games are designed to be appropriate for the whole family.
Some video games are designed to be appropriate for the whole family.

On the personal front, an individual video game developer is fully capable of taking the whole concept from top to bottom. Such a feat requires some knowledge regarding the various roles mentioned, which does not necessarily need to be acquired in a formal educational institution since some of the developers are self-taught regarding the various factors of game development. Sometimes, the freelancers and the video game companies form a union that is aimed toward the achievement of a stated goal in terms of video game development. Such a video game developer may be said to be a freelance artist who simply enters into a contract with the particular video game development company for the duration of the project.

Some developers focus primarily on sport-themed video games.
Some developers focus primarily on sport-themed video games.

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