What Does a Unit Supply Specialist Do?

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A unit supply specialist plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of the military. These individuals are responsible for keeping a military unit stocked with the necessary supplies and weapons to engage in combat. Consequently, this position requires a person who has computer knowledge, is well organized and able to order supplies before they run out. While the exact items that a unit supply specialist monitors can differ between units, his basic job duties are the same. These include doing inventory, maintaining inventory records, ordering necessary supplies, unloading supplies and issuing correct supplies to soldiers.

Routinely doing inventory is one of the fundamental duties of a unit supply specialist. Performing this task typically involves inspecting a warehouse for supplies and weapons that are running low. To be effective, he must make sure that everything is accounted for and nothing is missing. Staying on top of inventory requires a person who is very organized and has an eye for detail.

Maintaining detailed inventory records is another big part of this job. This involves keeping track of all items that arrive and leave a warehouse. In the past, this practice was often done with pen and paper. More recently, almost all inventory records are kept electronically. This allows a unit supply specialist to keep up-to-date and highly accurate inventory records at all times.


Ordering necessary military supplies is an equally important job task. To keep troops prepared and ensure safety, it's mandatory for a unit supply specialist to continually keep the warehouse stocked. Performing this duty efficiently means that he must order new supplies before old supplies run out. For example, if a military unit is engaged in war, a unit supply specialist must ensure that there is enough ammunition for each battle. Consequently, this is an extremely important job position.

Along with ordering supplies, a unit supply specialist must also unload them. When he receives a shipment, he must make sure that all supplies are placed in the appropriate areas for later retrieval. This task often involves operating a forklift or other heavy machinery. Since some supplies are heat sensitive, he will need to take this into account during storage.

Additionally, a unit supply specialist must issue the correct supplies to soldiers. Items like weapons, ammunition and protective equipment need to be given to the appropriate military personnel on time. Sometimes, soldiers will collect supplies from the warehouse. In other instances, he may need to deliver supplies by transport.


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