What Does a Travel Clerk Do?

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A travel clerk, also called a travel agent, usually works with clients to provide reservations for various types of travel and accommodations. A person with this title often reserves air, bus, and train transportation as well as accommodations in hotels, bed-and-breakfast establishments, and various types of resorts. He may also inform travelers of regulations that might affect them during travel, such as document requirements and baggage limits. In many cases, a person with this title even provides help with seating arrangements, checks tickets, and assists travelers with special needs.

An individual with the title of travel clerk has many different tasks to perform each day. This person is usually responsible for providing travel information and catalogs to individuals interested in taking trips for business or personal reasons. He also answers customers' questions in person, over the phone, and via email. When a travel customer has a concern and needs help resolving a problem, a travel clerk may help him, too.


In most cases, a travel clerk also has the job of helping clients choose the best travel plans. For example, if an individual is interested in going on a trip on a tight budget, this travel professional might provide him with information to consider about low-cost trips. Likewise, a person in this field may help a couple choose a destination for a honeymoon, a family vacation, or an adventure trip. While he does not make the decision for the person who wants to go on the trip, he may help the traveler narrow his choices based on the things he considers a priority.

Usually, a travel clerk handles various types of reservations on behalf of his clients. For example, he may reserve rooms in hotels and resorts as well as arrange transportation. A person with this title might reserve cruise vacations, rental cars, and tours as well. Much of a travel clerk's job will involve reserving pleasure travel, but he may book trips for business and other reasons as well.

Providing details about travel regulations and requirements is another important part of a travel clerk's job. A person in this position will usually inform clients of the documents they need for travel and may even help travelers obtain them. He might also inform clients of baggage limits and safety issues. When a person in this field works at a transportation company, he may also check tickets and boarding passes, provide assistance with seating arrangements, and help travelers with special needs.


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