What does a Transportation Supervisor do?

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A transportation supervisor may work in a variety of industries such as schools, package shipping, and distribution as well as many others. The supervisor is required to guide employees and is involved in customer service issues and safety concerns. This person must also maintain a variety of work records such as time sheets, job reports, and inventory logs. Special requirements for the position involve little formal education, with emphasis on work experience or on-the-job training.

Transportation supervisors are involved in the daily operations of a company on a variety of levels beginning with interviewing and hiring new employees. They are responsible for training new hires in keeping with company guidelines and are required to assign routes to new drivers while scheduling existing routes. Supervisors dispatch drivers to locations as needed and may occasionally be required to drive a route themselves. They also handle customer complaints concerning drivers of routes or damaged goods received.

The position also involves reviewing, compiling, and forwarding paper work and reports to the proper departments. The transportation supervisor is required to adhere to strict budget guidelines and must know how to analyze budget reports. The supervisor reviews daily and weekly reports made by drivers relative to work hours and miles logged for payroll purposes. They also keep track of expenditures concerning the maintenance of vehicles and the amount of fuel used daily.


Safety and legal issues are a serious concern for many companies involved in the transportation industry. The supervisor must have knowledge of current transportation laws to prevent accidents from occurring. It is up to the transportation supervisor to coordinate safety meetings for drivers to ensure that each is adhering to safety standards and current transportation laws. In the instance of an accident, the supervisor initiates an investigation to determine the cause of the accident by speaking directly with drivers and reviewing police reports. The supervisor takes action on the findings, compiles a written report, and submits this report to upper management.

The only formal education required for the position of a transportation supervisor is a high school diploma. Many employers look for candidates with excellent interpersonal and communication skills along with the ability to multi-task. Previous experience as a supervisor and extensive knowledge of the transportation industry are also helpful in securing a position. Knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and Outlook® is also useful.


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