What does a Training Specialist do?

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A training specialist works with businesses to train their employees. The type of training specialists do varies widely. In some cases, training specialists may work on a project basis to train staff how to use new equipment. Other times, training specialists are hired full time such as in a scientific laboratory setting to train lab assistants. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook, a training specialist belongs in the category of “human resources, training and labor relations managers and specialists.”

Training specialists must communicate effectively between the managers who hire them and the staff they are asked to train. Companies may hire a training specialist to improve the general skills of workers or to help increase employee loyalty and productivity. Training specialists may look for areas of weakness in each employee and work with individuals to improve their skills and productivity.

Some training specialists work mainly with new employees. They provide orientation, which is basically an overview of the company or corporation as well as the new employee's responsibilities within that environment. A training specialist may plan and/or provide on-the-job training to new hires. Typically, the specialist may evaluate each new employee's performance directly or pass his or her evaluation on to the worker's supervisor or manager.


A training specialist may work on a job site or in a classroom. Some training specialists even train employees from a distance through Internet study and email communication. Training specialists may plan and lead seminars or workshops in one industry or in several different fields. A specialist who specializes in productivity training is likely to work in many different industries, while trainers who focus on a particular industry such as transportation may work only within that specific area.

Full-time training specialists working in corporate environments must communicate with different departments to understand their needs for trained employees. These duties require the specialist to have a strong understanding of each department within the company. Mainly larger businesses hire training specialists full time.

A training specialist may need a degree in a certain subject or field. The exact duties of training specialists depend on the environment they work within. For instance, a corporate trainer often works with groups of office workers in boardrooms discussing new technology such as business software programs. An oil industry training specialist, on the other hand, may need to train workers outdoors on site.


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