What Does a Tower Climber Do?

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When cell phone companies need to repair their towers, they often call on the services of a tower climber. This individual may climb onto cell phone towers to inspect them and make needed repairs. He or she could also give input when plans for new equipment are being developed. An individual working in this capacity might do a great deal of traveling and could even need to be on call during weekends and holidays. People who would like to work as a tower climber should have a high school diploma or equivalent, good physical agility, and no fear of high places.

A tower climber is usually the first one called on when cell phone companies have a problem with their reception. This individual normally reports to the tower where the problem is thought to occur to troubleshoot the situation. The climber typically carries the needed safety equipment in a company vehicle, and inspects this equipment thoroughly before putting it on. He or she then ascends the tower to assess the situation and make any necessary repairs.

To prevent major repairs to cell phone towers, many carriers perform routine inspections on their equipment. In this instance, a tower climber might ascend a tower carrying special tools and testing devices. Should any deficiencies be found, he or she might make repairs on the spot if they are only minor deficiencies. In the event larger problems are discovered, it might be necessary to order parts or enlist the help of additional crew members.


When new towers are being planned, maintaining them in the future is normally a consideration. For this reason, a tower climber may be asked to give input on certain plans before they are implemented. Doing so can help a cell phone company ensure they do not invest a great deal of money into a tower that will be cumbersome to maintain once it has been established.

Some typical tower climber requirements include being in good physical shape so the worker can maneuver through obstacles and stand for long periods of time. A great deal of upper-body strength is also required because a tower climber may often carry heavy equipment while climbing. It is usually best that this individual does not have a fear of heights because much of the work is performed at high altitudes. There is generally no college requirement, but an applicant should have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent in most cases.


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