What Does a Test Analyst Do?

N. Madison
N. Madison

A test analyst performs many tasks in the interest of ensuring that a company's products, processes, and systems work as they should. His job involves performing various type of tests and documenting any issues he finds. In some cases, he must also create new tests for identifying and diagnosing issues and databases for keeping track of problems. He may even work with other employees in creating and implementing solutions to the problems he finds.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

An individual with the test analyst title typically has the job of running tests on a company's products and processes. His job is typically to make sure that the products work as they should and meet the level of quality the company expects. He is also charged with ensuring that a company's processes, such as those that are used in manufacturing, proceed as they should and are free of unexpected changes and glitches. A person with this title may also work to test processes in advance of modifications to ensure that they will work as expected.

Often, a test analyst not only works on testing a company's products and processes, but he may also design or help to design the test he will use. He might develop strategies for testing as well, and create various types of potential situations and conditions under which to perform the tests. For example, he may actually create a glitch, error, or challenge in order to determine how a system or process would work if such a situation truly arose. He might also place products under duress in order to determine whether or not they will continue to work as they should and retain the same level of quality even in the face of such problems.

Part of a test analyst's job may also include documentation. For instance, a person in this field might be required to file reports on issues identified as the result of his tests. In some cases, he may have the job of creating databases to track issues as well. Usually, the documentation is intended not only to note the problems, but also to make monitoring them easy. When solutions are found, a test analyst can then go back and update the records with details of the solutions.

In some cases, a test analyst's job is not only to test products and process and note issues, but also to help with the development of solutions. For example, a person with this title may work with engineers to come up with effective solutions to the problems he identifies. Then, he may help to implement and test them after they have been developed.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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