What Does a Technical Support Representative Do?

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A technical support representative helps customers and clients with technical problems related to a product or service. He may provide this support by telephone or email as well as via various types of Internet technology. In some cases, a tech support person might even offer technical advice and support in person. Usually, a person with this title does not physically repair products or devices, but he may take remote control of a support seeker's computer for the purpose of helping to fix a software-related problem. Additionally, a technical support representative may train customers and clients in how to use various pieces of equipment and software as well as services, such as web hosting and online banking.

Unfortunately, purchases a person makes do not always work as expected. In some cases, customers develop technical difficulties with their purchases and need help. Many companies meet this need by providing free access to technical support people for a limited time after purchase. Once this time frame has passed, a person must usually pay for additional technical support from the company or seek outside help, often for a fee as well. Sometimes, however, a technical support representative may provide unlimited free help to a company's employees, an organization's members, students, or hospital patients and staff members.


Often, a technical support representative provides support over the phone. In such a case, the person who needs support usually calls a designated phone number to obtain the help he needs. Sometimes a representative provides technical support through Internet chat software rather than by phone. Less often, a technical support representative may offer technical support in person, but this is usually unnecessary, as he doesn't typically physically repair devices. When necessary, however, and with the permission of the support seeker, a technical support person may take remote control of a device, such as a computer, which allows him to diagnose and fix software issues without having the device in his presence.

Sometimes a technical support representative also trains individuals on how to use various products, devices, and services. For instance, if a person buys a new cell phone on which he can retrieve his email, he may have difficulty setting up the email program. A technical support person can train him to use it and help him set up his email accounts properly. Likewise, technical support representatives sometimes help people set up and use such devices as computers, cameras, and DVD players for the first time.


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