What Does a Technical Supervisor Do?

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A technical supervisor usually oversees the performance of employees in a specific department of a company. There are many different companies that employ individuals in this position and duties may differ slightly depending on the unique job description. This position should not only be familiar with all operations of his or her department but should be able to perform and assist employee tasks. Engineering is the broader category that this position falls under, and most corporations will require that a technical supervisor has a college degree in order to supervise a team of other professionals.

Technical tasks that are usually performed by this position may include researching, designing, and creating new manufacturing processes. He or she is also responsible for ensuring that all equipment is running smoothly and that the machinery is in accordance to industrial codes. Equipment maintenance is extremely important in this career and the technical supervisor must continue to make sure that machinery performance is significantly optimizing production. Safety procedures, assessments, and training are another responsibility of this position and the supervisor needs to make sure that employees are familiar with the any necessary precautions needed to keep the workplace safe.


There are some administrative duties that a technical supervisor must perform. Scheduling and time cards may be adjusted and entered into the computer by the supervisor. He or she is usually in charge of assessing performance data in order to make suggestions to improve employee performance. Due to administrative duties and constant interaction with employees, a technical supervisor usually has excellent communication skills and business management abilities. Educational backgrounds of supervisors may differ depending on the company's requirements.

The majority of people who enter this profession have at least an associate's degree in an administrative business field. Positions in science-based fields are usually required to have a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in engineering, chemistry, or other areas directly related to the type of company. Many companies will provide additional training for this position that caters to the specific details of the job description.

Most people in this profession are computer literate and are extremely familiar with various computer programs used throughout different companies. He or she generally has excellent interpersonal skills and is able work well with a team of employees. Problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities are usually an important attribute of this profession, because the technical supervisor is responsible for resolving many department issues.


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