What does a Technical Services Manager do?

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A technical services manager has various duties, depending upon the industry in which he is employed. In many cases, technical service manager duties may include financial accounting and payroll planning. Analyzing reports and offering advice on any technical issues within the company are other responsibilities. The technical services manager will almost always be proficient at major computer software programs.

There are many technical service manager jobs that involve working in a laboratory setting. The manager in this position may oversee the administrative aspects, ensuring the quality of laboratory work and equipment. Duties and responsibilities may also involve customer service in some capacity. Responsibility for financial expenditures may be required for this position.

In most cases, a technical service manager in any industry will have to resolve issues and disputes regarding customer service and project planning. Handling personnel department decisions and problems may be other duties of this job. Ensuring safety measures are met may be another responsibility.

Most companies in major industries offer training programs to their newly hired employees. One of the responsibilities of the technical service manager may involve overseeing these programs. Instituting new concepts and innovations regarding training procedures may be another one of the duties.


Overseeing the use of equipment in the workplace is often the responsibility of a technical service manager. This may include creating new plans or techniques for using certain equipment. Scheduling preventative maintenance on all equipment may also be part of the duties involved.

Technical services managers who work in radiology or imaging may often perform data processing for the company. In some capacity, the manager may also analyze work completed by engineers. This job may also consist of being knowledgeable of computer coding systems utilized by radiological equipment and devices.

Working with customer service representatives and vendors within a district may be other duties of a technical services manager. Interacting with all departments within the company while planning business strategies is often essential in this position. This may include marketing, logistics, and distribution. Special tasks may include budgeting.

Hiring and recruiting new staff members are often responsibilities of the technical service manager. Another aspect may involve interviewing perspective employees and staff. After the initial training period, the manager may monitor performance of the newly hired staff member.

A technical service manager will often display a keen ability in call center statistics and operations. He will typically be skilled in communication, both verbal and written. Most often this type of manager will hold a bachelor's degree.


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