What Does a Technical Sales Manager Do?

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A technical sales manager oversees the marketing, education, and distribution of specialized products, such as electronic devices, or technical services. This management position requires the worker to give presentations to colleagues, as well as prospective customers, based on a thorough knowledge of the products' or services' design and use. Customers work closely with the technical sales manager to create a system specifically tailored to the client's industry, such as business computer networks.

New technology emerges everyday; it is the technical sale manager's job to learn and ultimately convey the benefits of the new device or system to customers. The manager may offer a training class for colleagues, allowing them to have an overview of the system with hands-on experience. Colleagues are prepared to answer any future customer questions after this training class, increasing sales revenue for the manager's department or company.

Direct customer training classes are also offered by the technical sales manager, normally to the clientele's management or supervisors. Questions regarding the products' or services' use and configuration can be examined to streamline implementation. As a result, the customer is more engaged in the development or customization process, creating a solid business relationship.


Another main duty of the technical sales manager is cultivating new customers. New technological systems, or additions to current configurations, should prompt the manager to contact different businesses for a demonstration. Systems that did not fit a particular client in the past may have new components that solve a current need, such as wireless computer networking. The technical sales manager can convey information about the new system components in particular to make a sale.

Technical sales managers must also confer with clients who have technical issues with a previously installed system. Although a repair technician may fix the physical problem, the manager's presence at the client's business will generally resolve any questions regarding future use and reliability. The client may have concerns over system accuracy, causing a possible sales return of the components. A successful technical sales manager can calm any fears and bolster the client's confidence regarding the products and system as a whole.

This management position requires great attention to detail. Written notes regarding client concerns and contact names must be accurately recorded in computer databases for future communication. Specific system configurations required of the clients need to be documented for a more personal sales pitch in the future. In addition, spoken communication is imperative for conveying technical information in an easy to understand form for successful ongoing sales.


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