What does a Technical Instructor do?

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A technical instructor is typically defined as a person who uses their knowledge and expertise in a specific area to teach others the same set of skills. Usually, the technical instructor is expected to develop lesson plans and coursework to provide ongoing training and hands-on learning for the group he is working with. The use of information technology, which involves computer networking and communications systems, is also a key component of a technical instructor’s job.

This type of position is needed within many different industries both in the commercial and private sectors. A technical instructor of workforce development provides training to employees and ongoing support of site personnel at a technology company. Those in this role also provide teaching and instructional courses to ensure that the staff is fluent in all of the applicable software applications, and they update the database whenever new software programs are necessary. The position also includes project management and acting as a liaison within internal client groups so that specific applications can be customized to cater to the client’s needs.

A technical instructor of an organizational development team designs and delivers technical training for systems operations, certification testing, and various diagnostic tools. This position is also responsible for troubleshooting heavy machinery for both external and internal customers, making sure that a viable solution is available whenever necessary. Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office® software is also required. Heavy equipment technicians or certified electricians are normally given priority when a position like this becomes available.


An individual who works as a technical instructor for Internet technology professionals in business and government organizations provides training for the entire workplace through classroom courses that include information systems development and management training programs. Often this role is performed by a contract employee that is hired by the company for a specific set of training or instructions. This type of technical instructor also prepares eligible candidates for new instructor positions, readies training courses, and periodically updates or customizes the material as requested.

An instructor/technical trainer serves as a teacher within a government facility. Typical duties would include classroom instruction as well as online training in the fields of data networking theory, equipment maintenance, and general operation aspects. Satellite networking theory is also a topic that is covered in detail as well as any state-of-the-art technologies that have yet to become public knowledge. The instructor will also manage all of the assigned courses and classroom preparation to ensure that they are compliant with the government office’s specific needs.


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